I was at a bowling tournament this weekend. Knowing most of the kids there was cool, but seeing the difference in how they acted somewhat perplexed me.

On any given, normal league Saturday, these kids go and bowl their hearts out. They have fun, and tend to do make their average on a regular basis (hence average).
This weekend was different. Granted, we were in a couple of different alley’s, and it was the State Tournament, but there was still something amiss. Nearly every kid, after every ball they threw looked into the adult faces, searching for “their adult” to be affirmed. This doesn’t happen on a “regular” Saturday. The kids could give a rip about what we think, and they even get pissed when we try to affirm them and their play.

I’ve noticed that in my own life too. Maybe you have.
Most of the time affirmations aren’t at the top of my need’s list. But there are definitely times when I want to know that I am doing something right, or well, or needed.

So what is it that changes? Why do you sometimes need affirmation, and other times not so much?