9x More Shopping than Playing

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I recently read a statistic that says Americans spend 6 hours a week shopping, and 40 minutes a week playing with their kids. Two things stand out for me in this statistic.

Outside of work, sleep, hobbies we shop for a significant number of hours. Often we shop (consume) not out of necessity, but we are being consumed by a culture of scarcity that says, “You need more.” Instead of a culture of abundance that says, “You have enough.”

Secondly and key to the statistic is the word play or engage with our kids. This is different than watching a television show, or a movie, or even playing a video game. This is face time with you kid in such a way that all our attention is directed their way. Maybe reading together, playing a board game or cards, working on a craft together, going to the playground.

Do you see this trend? Is it worrisome? How can we re-direct values of time and consumption?


Amazing what clear skies and sunshine do

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Amazing what clear skies and sunshine does for the heart. What makes your soul feel refreshed?

Revolutionay or Diminished Gospel


We are finishing a study of Rich Stearns’ “The Hole in Our Gospel” this Sunday.

This session begins with a very thought provoking question, and I’d like to share it with you.

“How do you see the world? Do you see problms that can’t be solved and mountains that cant be moved, or do you see light dispelling the darkness and the kingdom of God advancing with force? Do you see the opportunities and the possibilities, or just the obstacles? What gospel have you embraced?

  • a revolutionary gospel that is truly good news for a broken world? Or…
  • a diminished gospel – with a hole in it – that’s been reduced to a personal transaction with God, with little power to change anything outside your own heart?”

I think it’s worth looking deep and discovering where our heart is at.

Please share what you are thinking/feeling.

What if…

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If you could play hookey from all the must’s of today, what would you do instead?

Checking In

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How was your weekend? What are you looking forward to this week?

A Video to Check Out

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Take some time to listen to and watch this video. What strikes you?