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What would happen if you were able to sit with someone and share your deepest struggles with faith?  The struggles that often came with dogmatized Christianity – definition of Trinitarian theology, creedal statements that don’t say anything about what Jesus actually did in his ministry, the necessity of top down “religion” where the average person couldn’t talk with God.  I wonder what would happen if we allowed ourselves to be vulnerable enough to share our struggles?



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There is a deep yearning for relationships and something bigger than “myself” in our world today.  The paradox is that in this deep yearning for relationships, our face to face interactions get fewer and fewer with the advent of social media. Social media makes us feel that we are in relationship, but are we really? Or are we merely showing the avatar self that is on a computer screen? Life is so fast today that we rarely have time to sit and listen to anyone, much less our own heart or the heart of God.

How do you build authentic relationships in your life?

“Off-Label” and Abundant Love

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Where could “off-label” Christianity move the world? Could we experience the peace that Jesus actually intended, rather than turn life into anger and hate that is so prevalent in our world? Could abundant life (John 10:10) be the true intention of following Jesus, or just a potential side effect? What role does love play in the Christian’s life? To my dismay, true Christian love, is not regularly seen nor felt in many of our congregations? Are the gifts of the Spirit as Paul writes in his letter to the Galatians meant for the individual or is there something more “off-label” to them?

“Off-Label” – moving outside the box

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Can the notion of “off-label” use of medication be prescribed to the practice of Christianity? Are Denominational Headquarters, dogmatic creeds and “we’ve never done it that way before” congregations really like the Food and Drug Administration and Center for Drug Evaluation and Research? Are we, in the mainstream of Christian tradition, reluctant and potentially averse to experience Jesus as he is, in the multitude of ways that he has transformed lives for literally thousands of years, outside of the normal prescription.