Every Spring I am amazed at the new growth that shows up all over the place.2014-05-20 07.37.06

This year I have been particularly intrigued by the new growth of flowers (and weeds like creeping Charlie) that comes grows in the compost from last Fall.  Compost is an important factor in making a rich, nutrient filled soil.  Compost can also choke out the potential of any new growth.

A huge part of Christianity is to be compost.  A place for growth, new life and new potential.  Yet we have also been like compost that chokes out potential, covers the “ugliness,” and sucks all the oxygen out lives around us. In my side yard I have Creeping Charlie growing up through the compost of last year.  Although I initially like the look to the purple leaves of this little plant, I can see how it takes over entire patches of grass.

Churches have the exact same issue.  There is all this growth coming from the compost.  It looks great on the surface and we have people saying, “Look at all the growth that is happening.”  The problem is that the growth is toxic.  This growth will actually hold back any potential real growth to be the salt, life, and light to the world that Jesus has called us to be.

The Gospel of John talks about pruning so that the fruit will grow.  We also need to pull the weeds that may look like new growth but are really hindering people from experiencing and growing in Jesus. We can do great things together when we can look carefully at what is growing.