2014-05-11 11.15.33On the corner of Linden & Dunning there is a contemplation garden.   Sometimes I just sit on the grass; others on the memorial bench.  I particularly like it when the air temperature is a bit cold, but the sun is out in full force.

I find it amazing to see flowers grow from just bursting through the earth to full bloom and color. As I look at those petals, seeing their shape, texture and shades of color I am struck with awe for all of God’s creation.

What I have noticed most, is that now I actually notice.  By that I mean that I take in my surroundings in a different way than before.  Not necessarily better, but with deeper appreciation.  Robin (a man who sleeps on Zion’s front steps) all it takes is a smile to unfurrow his brow.  Another man who hunts for cigarette butts so he can smoke them – he does’t want a pack of his own (I tried that) but he freely received help when I noticed a pretty big butt by the church door.  I hear more sounds, smell more smells, and see more sights…simply because I notice.

Are you able to notice?  What could be standing in your way?