The following is a note that McLaren received from a Jewish man at an Interfaith Conversation.

“[This] is why the story of the gospels is so critically important foe us now. The critical conversation happening in the first century when the church was being born was among Jews, not between Jews and Gentiles. Jesus, as a Jew, came as a reformer, as one challenging who ‘Us’ had become. So that’s why we need Jesus today. I mean we Jews need Jesus.  Not to become Christians, but to become better Jews.”

As a Christian I think that Jesus is still challenging us to break from an “us” – “them” model and learn to live with each other.  This doesn’t mean giving in, or paring down your beliefs. It does mean respecting the beliefs of others.  It most certainly means having open ears to those whom we have separated ourselves from – there is a great deal to learn if we are willing to listen.