These baskets are from Rwanda and I love both of them. I particularly like the one on the left because of its meaning.

The zig-zag pattern depicts two people walking arm in arm out of chaos, turbulence, and fighting, into peace, love and reconciliation.

I don’t know, but can imagine that there is a zig-zag pattern because in order to live in harmony it takes give and take from both people involved. Arm in arm reflects that we are intimately connected, and cannot bring about peace and reconciliation by our own power – it takes at least two.

The fact is that we live in a world where we separate ourselves from one another, and want to live with autonomy when we were created to live in community.  When community is destroyed, so is the peace that we are invited to live in.

Where do you see the splintering of community?

How can we better learn to walk together, arm in arm?

What could a future look like if we chose community over individualism?