There is this great Lucinda Williams song called “Joy.” The refrain is, “You took my joy, I want it back, you took my joy I want it back.” She’s angry, hurt and pretty much in the shitter because of what life has put in her way. It’s one of my favorite songs of all times. I first heard it when I was totally overwhelmed with a situation in our lives that I did have some choice in, and realized that my joy was being taken from me and I wanted it back.

I’m reading a book that talks about “God’s Guarantee.” This guarantee is that everything in our lives, relationships (good and bad,) books we’ve read, movies we’ve seen God can use to for “good” in our lives – no matter how bad it may have been (that’s grace). The author goes on and talks about how we sometimes numb ourselves in lots of ways. Most of which leave us feeling half-alive.
Here’s the kicker that the author points out, “These people don’t just miss our on a soul-satisfying purpose; they end up feeling half alive. And not only are they miserable, but the suck the joy out of everyone around them too.”

“Holy, Joy-Sucker Batman.” I mean really…
You know the energy it takes (read “joy it sucks) to engage in these relationships. So I sit here typing and wondering how awesome it will be to get back some of the joy that has been suck from my life.

From the song, we never know if Lucinda found her joy and got it back. My guess is that she did, because that’s how she wrote about it. Maybe it’s the same for me.

How about you?…