There’s this camp game called “Angel & Nemesis.” Here’s how it goes: with your group of people – usually a group of 8+, you have everyone secretly chose for themselves an angel and a nemesis. Your goal is to keep your angel in a straight line between you and your nemesis. Assuming that everyone actually wants to play, there should be a great deal of scattering, always trying to keep that angel person between you and your nemesis. There is no winner or loser to the game – it is just a game.

On a different note, we all have things or people that act as a nemesis in our lives. An addiction, someone you really cannot be around for whatever reason, temptation to abuse the trust of someone – I’m sure you can think of your own.  The question is, what “angel” have you put in your life to come between you and the nemesis? How do you protect yourself?  How do you use your faith to help you?