It is official according to the Town of Blooming Grove, WI that I am a Public Nuisance.  I allow the grass in our ditch to grow longer than 6″ and am planting flowers within the grass. Grass, since it can emit pollen (duh) and have weeds (duh x2) and hide debris (need I say more) must be kept to a maximum length of 6″ – military cut for grass, and I am not in compliance I therefore on file as a “Public Nuisance” and I am happy to own that.

I wonder how often Christians are seen as Public Nuisances? Emitting a theology that is no where close to what Jesus actually taught. Bringing up weeds that proliferate the body and generalize all Christians in one particular way. Hide Christianity, and the true subversive love and grace that it carries. I guess I don’t mind being a Public Nuisance – it sort of goes with the rest of my persona.