“Miracle” may be a shop worn worn. You can hear it several times a day, “It’s a miracle.” Not really a miracle, just a neat thing to have happened. It’s used in movie titles, “Miracle on Ice,” “Miracle on 34th Street,” “Miracle Worker.”

What we, and the biblical writers refer to as “miracles” of Jesus, and even the bystanders at the time, Jesus refers to as simple acts. Acts that he does to reflect to power, grace, and love of God in a very real and actualized way. There are 36 miracles done by Jesus recorded in the gospels, each of them with greater meaning than just to show off. There always appears to be a back story.

If you could perform one miracle (not necessarily the same as any of the one’s Jesus performed) what would it be? What’s the “back story” for you performing this miracle?

Blessings on your week.