I continue to reflect on a recent post titled “I’m … and I’m a Mess.” I keep coming to the things that we are a mess about, and where we put those things. Hence, “Stuffin’ It.”

Stuffin’ It is a very spiritual matter. Stuffin’ It for one makes an idol out of whatever “it” is. All of our focus goes there. We don’t want to let “it” out. We use all that we can to hold “it” back or hide the impact of “it” on our lives. I’ve noticed that we mask the “its” in our lives with alcohol, drugs, extra work, surface relationships, gaming – changing yourself on the computer, disassociating from friends that get too close.  The name of the game is isolation, in whatever form possible.

Scripture indicates that we don’t have to “stuff it” and can trust in other Christians – although from experience this is not always the case.

I do believe that “stuffin’ it” is a very spiritual problem, and that we need to find ways to share ourselves to release this burden, the quesiton is how.