The question is, “Who does the church attract?” not, who should, but who does.

Before we get too far into this I do not believe that the church is necessary for salvation – I don’t think that God works that way. I do believe that the church is a very important social structure for the mutual uplifting and sharing of faith, questioning and growing in our faith, care and support for those who are in need – physical, emotional, psychological, and a place to find respite from the world and it’s seemingly endless demands. Additionally, I believe that gathering around God’s word, Christ’s meal, and the water of life is important as a foundation for us to live as followers of Jesus.

None of that answers or even pokes at “Who does the church attract?” Scripture makes it pretty clear that “the church” (the people of God, followers of Jesus – however you quantify it) is to go out, not expecting people to be attracted to the building, the program, the style of worship, the denomination. But my experience is that this is exactly the way the church acts – “they” should come to “us” becasue “we” have what “they” need.

I don’t want to put words in anyone’s mouth (blog as it were) so I leave the question hanging, who does the church attract?  Who should the church attract?  How might the church go about being more real in the world?