In a book titled “Messy Spirituality,” the late Mike Yaconelli writes, “Messy spirituality unveils the myth of flawlessness and calls Christians everywhere to come out of hiding and stop pretending.”

“Messy Spirituality has the audacity to suggest that messiness is the workshop of authentic spirituality, the greenhouse of faith, the place where the real Jesus meet the real us.” ~ p. 15

I find a great deal of hope in these two sentences. I’m a mess, God finds me in my mess and helps me to grow. People often think that “regular church goers” have everything under control, that their lives are smooth sailing, and that they don’t have any issues in their lives. (You may think I’m wrong in this, just take your head out of the sand and listen to people, and their impressions of Christians.)

I see that the “real” Jesus and the real us do meet in a very authentic way when we acknowledge our messiness. It’s when we try to keep the messiness all to ourselves, piled higher and deeper that we begin to burn. Ever see a garden that has been spread with too much manure in one place…the plants actually burn. But when the manure (mess) is spread, acknowledged, the plant actually grow better in richer soil. Soil that has engaged with the messiness and is ready to move forward.

Are you working on your mess? Or ignoring it and piling it higher and deeper? Where do you find safety in sharing the real you and can you say, “I’m…and I’m a mess!”