Many of us have a “Garbage Heap” in our lives. It is typically the trash of life that we throw into a pile and never really get rid of. Never take it to the compost bin where it can be turned into something good and life giving. Instead we toss it on a heap and it combines with a bunch of other trash pieces from life that ends up creating this amazing odor. The really amazing part of this odor is that it creeps into every part of our lives so that nothing good can be experienced.

On youth retreats we use a term, “reapply.” As in, “go and reapply some deodorant because you are getting a bit rank.” Reapplying is just masking, just a cover up until they can get washed up. As adults, we have learned to “reapply” very well in our garbage heap lives. We do a great job of covering up, masking and not getting to the source of the stench.

It is in getting to the source of the stench that we begin to be transformed by the Christ who washes us and gives us new life. That washing of authentic, laying down our trash, coming face to face with it, is where we really begin to see the God who loves us so much that He sent Jesus to go to the garbage heap – not because of us, maybe for us, but always with us. To compost that garbage so that it may be a strength and a place of transformation in our lives.

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