There’s this story in Scripture about two disciples leaving Jerusalem and heading to the town of Emmaus. They’re talking about everything that has happened over the last couple of days – since Jesus was killed until that particular when some women said that he had been raised from the dead.

They really had little clue about what was going on. They had hoped that Jesus would come in and overthrow the Roman government – but he didn’t do that the way they expected. To add on to this, they were leaving Jerusalem and the fellowship of believers they had there. Everything was sort of anti-climatic for them so they were leaving for somewhere else.

As they were going down the road a stranger (Jesus) began walking with them and unfolding the mysteries to them – they still didn’t get it. They invited the stranger to eat with them – he took some bread, blessed and broke it and then they had this “ah-ha” – “This is Jesus.”

Sometimes life seems just so anti-climatic. There is nothing really cool going on. We don’t see the colors, only the grays. We forget about the blessings and only perceive the annoyances.

Is there a way that you can move to seeing life, with it’s problems, possibilities, and potential through God’s eyes. How can you re-learn to see the good, the bright colors, and the blessings?

I think if we are able to do this life won’t be so anti-climatic any more.