In Jesus’ day the most common method of execution was death by asphyxiation through hanging on a cross.

Today the most common method of execution is lethal injection. The prisoner is strapped to a gurney, IV’s in his arm, and the line goes out a wall to an anteroom. Often there are multiple executioners (so that no one actually gave the lethal dose to the pensioner). Three drugs are used to bring about death:

Sodium thiopental: at a lethal dose of 5,000mg if the prisoner is still alive, he should feel nothing.

Pancuronium bromide: given in a strong enough dose to paralyzes the diaphragm and lungs. This drug takes effect in 1-3 minutes.

Potassium chloride: This is a toxic agent which induces cardiac arrest.
We use a cross as a symbol of God’s grace and love given to us in the saving acts of Jesus.
What if his death was by lethal injection? Would we have “gurney” necklaces? Or hypodermic needle insignia on caps and t-shirts?
Today we remember the injustice of an innocent man dying for us. He did so out of love for us and obedience to his Father in heaven.
How will you mourn today? What can you lay at the cross that Jesus will take with him and free you of?
Tomorrow, Saturday, God stayed silent – I believe mourning the death of his Son. Sunday, God takes action once again by taking away the sting of death forever in Jesus’ resurrection and the promise that we too will be raised like him.