Last night I was out to dinner at a “casual-nice” attire restaurant. I was wearing jeans, button down shirt with tails out, wallet with chain, and sneakers. My dining companion was i business work attire. Other patrons were in stained t-shirts, sweat pants, stretch pants, dresses, sport coat and pants. Point being that there was the entire gamut of dress in this restaurant – not too strange for the east side of Madison.

As I look back on the evening, the most striking part was the blind hospitality the staff gave to each person in that establishment. Each of us were treated as special guests to be honored – not because of the way we looked but because we were important to them.

I have lived in the south; known for it’s “southern hospitality.” Which I admit is nice, respectful, and as sweet as the tea. But I have also heard the background judgment and chatter that often accompanied such hospitality.

I have been to expensive restaurants in New York and looked down upon because I am clearly from the mid-west.

The blind hospitality we received last night was exceptional. As part of Holy Week I can only imagine Jesus showing this same hospitality.

My question is, when have you experienced true hospitality, or for that matter judgmental hospitality?