I know that eavesdropping is bad manners, against social norms, and sometimes downright wrong, BUT…

It never fails that when I am in a coffee shop or bar or restaurant waiting for the rest of my party to arrive, I tend to listen in on conversations that are going on around me. It is amazing the things you hear talked about in very public arenas. Even more so, now with people on their personal cell phones, having very personal calls in public. So where are the boundaries?

I wholeheartedly take responsibility for the times that I intentionally listen in on a conversation. But at the same time, I wonder about the kinds of boundaries people are setting up for themselves. I mean, if there is a really personal call you take, isn’t it better to slip out of earshot of others – that is if you care about the integrity of the call you are having. Or with social networking, when is it okay to “air your laundry,” and when should the “dedicates” be kept private?

Eavesdropping, with our communications now, is happening more than ever. For my part I will refrain from intentionally listening in. Perhaps we all need to be more cognizant of our boundaries, what we are allowing others to hear and see and holding some integrity for the relationships we have.

Would love to hear your thoughts.