“We need to get our child done.”

“Baptism is how we are saved.”

“Baptism is like fire insurance.”

I have heard all of these statements regarding baptism. I truly believe that baptism is a special gift from God that we don’t deserve and we cannot earn. But what is the intention of baptism?

I asked a 14 year old this. He’s going to be baptized on Easter. His response was, “I think baptism makes me part of a community.” And I began to think, “Yea, that’s what it really is all about.” At 14 he desired to be part of a specific faith community where he could grow, question, love and be loved, experience grace, and share all that life has to offer. I think that he’s got it.

What are your thoughts about Baptism? What is the role of the community? What is special about a “ritual” that creates a bond?