I have faith, hope and trust that God in Jesus has forgiven me, and you for that matter. My issue is, how is that played out in daily living? Hence, “Forgiven-Ness.”

I believe that if we lived in the “Forgiven-Ness” of God, life would look a great deal different. I think that this may be a key to living the commandments that Jesus challenges us to live: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul; and love your neighbor as yourself.” By living in “Forgiven-Ness” I believe that we could love God in a more authentic manner – not with worry or fear but with genuine love. Likewise, I actually believe that we could love our neighbors if we live in this grace filled “Forgiven-Ness.” Because, to be really honest, at least in my experience, often when love is shown to the neighbor there is some direct benefit to the self. So you have to wonder is this love for the neighbor really for her, or is it “all about me”

So what is it that holds us back? What is our true view of forgiveness? (Like is it real? Or some construction of an institution.) Are there consequences and/or requirements that go with forgiveness? You see, the water gets muddy here. What sort of clarity or ponderings can share?