Romans 5 says, “suffering gives us endurance, endurance gives us character, character gives us hope, and hope doesn’t disappoint us.”

1 Corinthians says, “faith, hope, and love abide. And the greatest of these is love.”

Carol Howard Merrit in “Reframing Hope” looks to Hebrews which says, “hope is what is longed for.”

I have Japanese kanji for “Faith” and “Love” on my biceps, and at the base of my neck is “Hope” holding them together.

I think that hope is what can lead to faith and love. In some real and tangible way we need to experience hope, and then be able and willing to share it. In these days of lots of unknowns, what is needed (longed for) is hope. Where do we see hope in the world today? In the middle of tragedy, war, ambivalence is there hope?