I’ve noticed how many “Christians” in our prayers are really “bigots” is some sort of disguise of piety.

We say that God loves us to the very core of our being, but I often hear, “If only they would change…”

We say stuff like, “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” (Typically referring to QLGBT persons.) Still indicating that a person who sins isn’t good enough.

We even pray for our Jewish, Muslim, Hindi, Buddhist, etc. brothers and sisters because they have denied Christ. That sounds more than a little presumptuous and over the top.

So, churches, leaders, pastors wonder why people are turned off by “Christians”; maybe its because Christians still make it an “us” and “them” thing – not a “we” thing.

Jesus tells us to pray in secret to the Father who is in secret (Matthew 6:6). Maybe Jesus knew what he was talking about. I don’t think that Jesus intended for his followers to be exclusive bigots – pretty sure Jesus was about inclusivity and love.

Is it possible that we have contorted Jesus’ rule of love, and instruction on prayer to a point where he is embarrassed about how his followers act?