Is it possible to deny grace?
I’m afraid that it is all too easy – in fact I don’t think we even know it when we do it.
Case in point. I went to get a bus pass this evening at a local grocery store. I arrived at 7:05pm (5 minutes after the service desk had closed) and went to a checker to see if I could get a pass. I was told that the service desk was closed and could not get one – he did tell me to “Have a good night.” As I was leaving the woman who was ahead of me in line heard what occurred. She told me that before she had started shopping she had purchased two passes for her child, and would I want to buy one of hers from her. I told her that I would pick one up somewhere else, but that I really appreciated the offer.
As I drove to the next place for the pass, I realized that this woman was offering me grace and I had turned it down. She did not need to offer this bus pass, but she did.
So, how often do we deny grace in our lives?
Because of pride or any other reason for that matter.
How cool would it be if we saw grace for what it is – something spectacular that we don’t expect to happen but it does anyway.