It occurs to me that in many cases we have been tricked when it comes to thinking about sin (missing the mark that God intends for us.) Generally speaking I think that sin is seen as big, dirty, sneaky, insidious, and destructive to ourselves an those around us due to their sheer magnitude.
I wonder if sins can be seen as delicate, potentially even beautiful – yet covering who we really are, and thus not allowing God to shine through us.
As I look outside this morning, the trees look beautiful. There is no wind to speak of, and in the night we had a snow fall. The tree branches are stacked with snow. Precarious and beautiful, even delicate, but weighing down the essence of the tree. If I wait long enough, small breezes (breath of God) come and blow bits of snow to the ground. The branches clear, and lift, almost as if reaching in thanks to God.
I wonder what seemingly beautiful, delicate parts of our lives are weighing us down; hiding our essence from the world around us, as well as God. God’s breath is cleansing, and can release us from even the delicate sins in our lives (especially the ones we like to have around us to make us look nicer to the world around us.) When these delicate sins are lifted, we can, again lift our thanks and praise to God.
Consider the delicate sins of your life. Ask God to remove them. Experience the freedom of a weight removed, and give thanks to God.