This weekend is the big game. The Giants and the Patriots are playing for the Lombardi trophy, and the NFL Championship. That may not be the most important part of the game on Sunday for many people. There is a contingent of people who watch this game just for the commercials.
Each 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl costs the advertiser $3.5 million. There are approximately 70 commercial slots during the game. This works out to be $245 million spent as an advertiser gamble that their commercial will lead to greater sales.
I wonder what the NFL, Advertisers, Consumers could do with a portion of that money to help out “the least of these” in our neighborhoods.
Is there a voice for the Consumer to say, “We like your product – use some of your advertising money to help out.”
I think of Jesus in the Temple, chastising the money changers. Are we as Consumers, and Advertisers (by default) to be held accountable like the people in the Temple.
Fact is, I’m gonna watch the game. I will be checking out the commercials. But what do I do with that on Monday?