I recently read a statistic that says Americans spend 6 hours a week shopping, and 40 minutes a week playing with their kids. Two things stand out for me in this statistic.

Outside of work, sleep, hobbies we shop for a significant number of hours. Often we shop (consume) not out of necessity, but we are being consumed by a culture of scarcity that says, “You need more.” Instead of a culture of abundance that says, “You have enough.”

Secondly and key to the statistic is the word play or engage with our kids. This is different than watching a television show, or a movie, or even playing a video game. This is face time with you kid in such a way that all our attention is directed their way. Maybe reading together, playing a board game or cards, working on a craft together, going to the playground.

Do you see this trend? Is it worrisome? How can we re-direct values of time and consumption?